Help with a Hot Water heater Age

Need help with an age from this serial number off an electric AO Smith H/W heater. Searched high and Low, No dough…:roll:


Thanks in advance!

Are you sure that’s not the model number. AO Smith usually has 10-11 numbers and letters in the ser #. I’ve not seen that many before

For future reference you can check the TPV date code. These usually have not been changed and should give some clue as to the age of the water heater.

Watts brand TPV’s are popular…the 1st 2 digits of the date code is the year of manufacture. For example: 91011 (found on metal tag).

As David mentioned, it appears as if you listed the model #. Was the heater 40 gal. capacity?

Some examples of A.O Smith serial #'s:


I Think you right, time to change the batteries in the flashlight…