Help with dating a Water Heater

Good Evening Gentlemen
Can anyone date this GE- Hotpoint Water Heater?
I have tried Building Intelligence Center and Appliance 411. Nothing comes back with a hit.
I am thinking it is 1973, but that on one hand seems pretty unlikely, but we all see the “one off” appliances that last forever.
I am reaching out to the smartest folks I know, to lock it down
Matt !

Here ya go, Matt. Bookmark this:

I don’t find it under GE or Hotpoint but it is old enough that if working now plan on replacing it when it goes kaput. In other words budget for a new water heater in the future. It may last another 5-10 years and it may burn an element out tomorrow.

But I’ve seen 50 year old, or older, electric water heaters that were still going.

30 gal Hotpoint 1973 (35th week) ~ estimated on your report

Hi Matt! :cowboy_hat_face:

Don’t miss that TPR tube mess. It looks like it goes up but that may be the picture.

What about that electrical cord.
Can’t see on pic but is it a plug for an outlet?

Yep, she’s available. Just tell her she’s a hot water heater and you’ll be out on the town in no time.

Wish I understood the obsession with dating something that old, what is it, how does it help the client? does it matter to the client if the water heater is 20 or 60 years old when the average life is 15 or less because they are rarely ever maintained? do some antique WHs appreciate in value over time? :smiley:

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I’m assuming there’s an issue here? What’s the issue? I haven’t seen a WH with a cord hanging from it like this.

I’m married now, so out of the dating pool. But oh, back in the day, I was quite a player. :wink:

Thank You Larry. you are always helpful with your advice and comments

Hey Marc
Thanks for your help. Hope all is well Friend!

LOL, well played Stephen!!

Simon, it was a 4 Point Inspection, and insurance companies are obsessive about Water Heaters

Matt, I see, there is almost no 4point inspection here… what happens if you cannot determine the age? which is often the case with old units and their manufacturer no longer in business?

Hello Simon
You can almost always determine the age, Building Intelligence Center and Appliance 411 are amazing resources, as are the Brethren on this site. Its a good feeling to be able to ask these Masters and get an intelligent answer, some further analysis or even a funny comment. And in a pinch, to quote Mr. Goldenberg…“estimated” on your report keeps you honest in your due diligence

ANSI date if often on the label, and can be used as an estimate range 0-6 years younger.