Help with furnace age please.

Having trouble decoding this one,
Intertherm MGH-075-ABWN-05
Appliance code F0000104279
Date code 880711 < this part is confusing to me. I DID get the numbers right.

Michael, did you get the ***serial ***number?

This is what I have used:

**Intertherm **

*Contact Intertherm: Nordyne Inc., 8000 Phoenix Parkway, O’Fallon, MO 63366-8809

*Phone: (800) 222-4328 *

Manufactured By: Nordyne (Since 1987)

Serial Number format: GT3050153269 (All Nordyne Brands have serial numbers that are 12 digits long and start with a letter).

(This serial number is fictitious).

Using the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh digits of the serial number GT3050153269 you will find the year and month of manufacture. The fourth and fifth digits are the year of manufacture and the sixth and seventh digits are the month. This unit was manufactured in January, 2005.

Year of manufacture: GT3050153269

Month of manufacture: GT3050153269

I Used the same thing, Larry. it didnt make much sense.
This is supposedly a '90 house, furnace presumed original. I am guessing that both are older. My response is the same, Recommend Licensed HVAC Investigate. I couldnt run the furnace anyway, no gas.

Im going to be in your neck of the woods tomorrow Larry.


Based on the date code, my guess would be July 11, 1988 or November 7, 1988.

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