Help with Mold

I need an additional approved 14 hrs for Mold Assessor Certification. Any ideas?

I think you need 20 dont you. I am hoping the the higher ups at Nachi are fighting hard for their members on getting some other courses approved

Reece, is this because of the 12 th hour decision that Nachi’s courses are not approved? Why have some licenses been issued with Nachi’s courses as the qualifying education, and now they are dissaproving??? I’m lost as to how an organization as large as InterNACHI is the last to know just days before the deadline — I appologize in advance if i’m missing something here!

Dennis and Preston, thanks for the reply. I’m monitoring the other post that you guys are on.

You might try these:

Adds up to 16 hours.


We have all the courses you need. Read post #56 of

Thank you, Robert, but I just dropped my application in the mail. I retook the Mold Inspection and Advanced Mold Inspection courses this morning. We’ll see what happens.
A HUGE thank you to Nick Gromicko and Greg Bell. Thank you for your selfless help.