Mold Assessor Question

Does InterNACHI offer the 60 hours of education that Florida requires for a mold assessor (Grandfathering). If not, who does?


I am also interested about getting a mold inspector license. What are the grandfathering requirements?

The grandfathering requirements are to be a member of a state or national organization that requires a proctored exam and show 60 hours of mold related education.

Florida NACHI is now providing the proctored exam and supposedly belonging to FL NACHI and taking that exam meets the requirements. Now I have to get several more hours of classes to meet the 60 hours.

I was told by Zoe that NACHI has 62 hours of mold related classes that meet the state requirements. I have not been able to figure out which classes they are though. Zoe said that they were on the IAC2 website and on InterNACHI. I have not been able to find them. I am trying to find out from someone if there is a list of the classes that meet the requirements.

I just took and passed the proctored exam offered by FloridaInternachi in Ft Pierce. Thanks Zoe…

I will be really surprised if the NACHI test qualifies for the mold license. I would think that you need to take a test related to mold instead of home inspections.

Nick will find a way to get all of the inexperienced guys licensed for mold. He has already done that with home insepctors.

I would modify my post but this is easier, I took the MOLD ASSESSORS proctored exam with Zoe.
and William, Not that I want to start a fight or anything, but I thing we were all inexperienced at one time. Thats one of the reasons for education. I have to thank Nick for providing access to a Huge amount of information that may not have been easily accessible to the average person. It may be fairly basic stuff, but I have faith that we will see more advanced ed like in the new masters roof series.

Don’t forget that you also need a million dollar E&O policy.

Has anyone actually used the NACHI education to get their mold license? When I look here I see that the NACHI Mold Course is only good for 12 CEU’s how do you get 60 hours out of this course?

I just asked this question in another post. Supposedly you can obtain 60 hours from Nachi and take the exam, therfore grandfathered. You don’t even need to be a resident, which is why I am inquireing. We just need to now exactly what courses cover the 60 hours?? Anyone.

They are using the test from the free mold course so it is mold related. They are also (as I understand it) providing a separate certification under FL NACHI that says that you are mold certified.

As to the insurance, it is available (although not cheap!!). If anyone needs the insurance, send me an email and I will send you the information on the company I have mine with.

Nick Posted the answer for the courses in the legal section.
They are still waiting for approval.


at the time of application, have at least 3 years of experience as a mold assessor. To establish the 3 years of experience, an applicant must submit at least 40 invoices prepared by the applicant. The department may investigate the validity of the invoices submitted. This is not a complete listing of educational and experience requirements. Please see the application instructions page for complete information.

My wife already got her mold license by sending in 40 invoices.

Below is the main grandfathering method people are using. There are other ways, and maybe InterNachi gets its own test approved eventually, but this is what is working now (until March 1, 2011), then it will become very difficult to get into the profession.

In order to get grandfathered through the “applying based on certification” provision on the application, you have to pass an ACAC proctored examination first, which is the only DBPR-approved exam ($100 exam fee).
More information here:

In order to “register and take” the ACAC exam, you have to take a course from an ACAC registered provider. There is a list of ACAC registered mold courses in the link below. Your course provider might be listed:
(type “mold” for the search string)

Then complete sections 1-3, 7-8, and 9 of the Florida license application, select “Licensure by Grandfathering” and attach:
(1) Successful ACAC Exam Results
(2) Membership Certification from a state or national organization that requires the proctored ACAC exam AND 60 hours education
(3) Course transcript with course type and hours from the provider
(4) $330 license fee (rip-off)

Again, this is one way and there may be other ways, but time is short and you don’t want to lose this window.