Help With Pkg AC Size

Unit on lake marina / restaurant. Unit is Inter City Products

Age is there on Tag (2/93). Can’t find Model # in my books OR online. This one was made in Canadia. Trying to determine the AC size?

Anybody familiar with this??






ICP product bought out by Carrier. (416.231.3598)

Get back to you on BTU size, nominal capacity.
Typically/usually the 2 number after the model.

I would suggest 2 Ton?

My guess is 2 Tons also.

Look at the compressor nameplate.

10 TON

Hope you are doing well Dan!

Ray … Right on.

Looked on line … Found a distributor in another state. He pointed out they’d been bought by Carrier AND were basically sisters to Comformaker, Arcoaire and several other brands. When I gave him Model … he said 10 ton.

Ray, your the king mate.:slight_smile:

Sorry, Dan. Been too busy to get back the thread.
Ray got it as usual.

NOTE: 2 ton is/would not be adequate for a building nor package unit that size. Much SQ footage, large unit.
They typically start at 5 to 7 ton.

Robert …

You and Ray Rock.

Building had 9 HVAC systems, so yes a 2 Ton would not have done it.

Been getting a rash of big ones lately. Last one had 112 VAV’s … 3 - 40 ton units a 60 ton system, 1 - 20 ton unit and a cooling tower. Then you got the computer room cooling equipment.

WOW, big HVAC equipment.
Yes computers generate heat and the components hate getting hot.

Any pics of the 60 ton condenser.