Need Assistance on A/C Unit

Did an inspection on pre-manufactured (double-wide) home late yesterday. The A/C unit did not have a manufacturer specified on Unit or Mfg tag. The furnace was a coleman. The model # on A/C Unit is BRCO0481BD with a S/N of 010322259. Also need to find tonnage of A/C. The home was manufacturered by Hart Housing Group of Indiana in August of 2001.

Does anybody have any idea who the A/C Unit was manufacturered by. I ran it through Preston with no luck. The people at HArt did’nt know. Your help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


I believe that you wrote the model # down incorrectly, I think you are looking at an Airpro BRCQ0481BD which is a 2001 4 ton unit



By the model number, it looks like a four ton unit. Must’ve been a big mobile!

The manufacturer company is probably listed at the bottom of the tag in very small print. Usually a trick of Inter City products, or Goodman/Janitrol, which would not necessarily be the brand name on the unit.

Blaine is right about that. Intercity is bad for no name units. You bought a Mc Unit No brand tag at all.


You may know this already, but the 48 in the model number gives the tonnage away. Most manufacturers use this system.

Look for multiples of 12 in the model number for tonnage
48 / 12 = 4 tons

54 / 12 = 4.5 tons


Everybody thanks for the help. No mfg was on that tag which really surprised me some, usually thaey give some good clues as who put the unit together but not in this case. Yep, Gerry, you are probaly right about the O being a Q, since all the other numbers matched up, I will go with the mfg you listed. The unit requires servicing anyway and I am telling them to have it serviced because of crimp in the supply line and noisy fan (bearing going bad sound). So the HVAC Tech can have a go at it as well. The tonnage is a bit much for a 1680 sq. ft. double wide.

On your typical 1600-1700 sf house in this area a 4 ton would be overkill. On top of that because it was so big - it would have a tendency to come on, cool the space off very quickly then cycle off.

Because of that you could have more humidity and be less comfortable.

Very short cycles in fact, you should have seen the water coming out of the condensate pan drain hose, a very steady stream. I could see the “A” coils and that were sweating badly, water just dripping off of them.

The longer it runs the more humidity removed OR vice versa.

Coleman is a major manufacturer, and York is a major distributor of the Coleman brand.
They either specialize in mobile/manufactured homes, or they have a really nice contract with the manufacturers of such homes.
They seem to be to mobile/manufactured homes what In-Sink-Erator is to disposals.
In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything other than a Coleman (or York) in the mobile/manufactured homes around here.