Help with stove top / microwave distance. Narrative suggestions please

No, they are usually made mostly of plastic. ;):mrgreen:

That is why my recommendations would always be 15"-18" above the cook top. :slight_smile:

While you guys argue over the stuff put in every day for a living by me for years my direction here will be to mention the simple fact if it is so close your spaghetti pot becomes a pain to squeeze in you need to change the cabinet to a half unit.

Pretty simple really or we can argue inches for kicks.

This may help. :slight_smile:


Looks fine to me Marcel:D

I agree with you Bob. My point was who gives any of us as “home inspectors” the authority to trump code or manufacturers specifications ?

I always went by the 18 inch rule no mater what manufacturer.
Just because less may be allowed does not make it wise.

See that glass cook top in the picture?

A lower unit will cause you to inadvertently slide the pots and pans causing it to get that lovely scuff coat that never comes off as that style glass top marks up easily.

That is the kind of logic that must be used here.

Never saw one manufacturer that insisted on more than that so stick to that (18…) though lets face it ,you will not be measuring anything unless it fails the eye test first.

By the way never put 18 in parenthesis unless you want this (18)

Weeefffff, I thought there for a second you were going to compare your inches with Bob’s! :twisted::twisted::wink:

Some contests I always win.:slight_smile:

Do I feel some sort of bragging here with no proof.?;):twisted:

Since most use the cabinet up top for medicine and spices all you need to do is restructure the doors and move up the microwave. I agree with Marcel if it can be done no less than 15 inches and I prefer 18 inches.
I also prefer just over 38 inches on a hand guardrail before the three stooges mention it again.

Pictures or testimonials?:mrgreen:

Neither will suffice Bob, thanks anyways. :wink:

We are NOT “Trumping” code we are offering our opinion on the SAFETY of this issue. Oh and by the way, the grease that may be on the surface or inside the bottom of the metal microwave, is flammable…:shock:


How high are these microwaves from the cook top?
Manufactures recommendations are usually 30", but that dependends on the height of the Microwave.
Standard height to the bottom should be 16"-18". That would allow a 12" or 15" cabinet above.
30" is the minimum clearance from cooktop to cabinets.




Am I right in assuming it’s like one of those built-in stoves?

The gap is in any case small and if nothing caught on fire in the future, there may be harmful fumes from the microwave. It’s not a safe fact.

Well done. Sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer!