Microwave/range hood distance to range top

Is anyone aware of a standard for the minimum distance between the bottom of an above-the-range microwave/range hood and the cooking surface of the range especially a gas range?



M1901.1 Clearances. Freestanding or built-in ranges shall have a vertical clearance above the cooking top of not less than 30 inches (762 mm) to unprotected combustible material. Reduced clearances are permitted in accordance with the listing and labeling of the range hoods or appliances.

M1901.2 Cooking appliances. Household cooking appliances shall be listed and labeled and shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. The installation shall not interfere with combustion air or accessibility for operation and servicing.

I would check with the manufactures instructions and recommended clearance

Most units call for the distance to the top of the unit to be 66" off the floor. The real danger is removing products from the microwave (a spill hazard to the user).

The real, real danger is reaching over boiling food to adjust the stove controls if they are located on the back of the stove without adequate clearance…

Having installed many of them according to the book for Sears .I recall it as 18 inches from bottom of micro hood to stove top.

Yes it looks low.

I just came from an inspection that had the installation manual on the countertop for the Kenmore microwave. The instructions stated a minimum distance of 30" from the stove top to the top of the microwave. When I measured it, the top was 30.5" above, which left a clearance of 14" between the bottom of the micro and the stove top. Seemed too close to me, but it met the manufacturers installation instructions.

The microwave manufacturer doesn’t know what type of stove your putting under it.

I think using “uncommon” common sense is all you need to go buy.

18 inches from stove top to microwave bottom.

My Book says 24"

This is why some people just eat out. One less thing to fret over…

Took 6 months to get this far! :wink:

16" seems like the norm. No way it’s 24". A lot of people wouldn’t be able to reach it if it was that high. I’ve installed about 10 and they were all about 14-16"

Code changed recently in Ontario. For a gas stove 24" is the new minimum. It used to be 18".

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The microwave manufacturer doesn’t know what type of stove your putting under it.

I think using “uncommon” common sense is all you need to go buy./ Agree common sense but it would not help here as most people have no reference to go by from past experience

Check your local codes obviously but I wouldn’t want anything under 18" or over 24" from the top of stove.

It won’t be in the codes.

The above range microwave is a UL listed device. The minimum clearance requirement will be found in the installation instructions from the manufacturer. The IRC will defer to the UL listing.

17"-18" to bottom.

The installation manual for my microwave (which is manufactured by the same manufacturer as the range) says I need to install it to a cabinet with an underside set 30" from the range top. If I do that, I’ve got fourteen inches of clearance on the stove, especially on the back burners. I’ve checked my largest 20-qt stock pot, and it fits, but just barely. It seems like not enough room, but those are the manufacturer’s specs.

Remember, this question is about microwave/hood combos. If I set it 24" above the stove, I doubt it’s going to vent anything. But 14" seems too small.

My problem is, I can install this to my existing cabinet above my stove without much difficulty, and have the manufacturer’s recommended clearance of 14". But if I want to have more clearance, I’m going to have to move the whole cabinet, which will make the cabinet top uneven relative to my other over-the-counter cabinets. Given the age of my house, and the time since the last kitchen renovation, this is a can of worms I’d rather not open.

Any advice?

Standard Man. instructions and they are wrong.


I use my jennaire range everyday, sometimes all three meals. My microwave bottom is at 14". I have never had a problem and don’t expect any. I looked for a month to avoid replacing my cabinet overhead in which the microwave attaches. I figured I’ll try it and if it’s a problem, I’ll replace it later. It’s now 12 years later, no problems, no official code has been violated.