Help with thermal image from encapsulated crawlspace


Please help me. Here are the image from our encapsulated crawlspace. Crawlspace was encapsulated about 4 yrs ago no issues and we have dehumidifier also. Last yr we started smelling something now sure what it is. Not sure if these pictures shows any issues? Please HELP. I have more photos but i can only attach 1 photo ;-(

Honestly, a hi-def photo from a regular camera would be more helpful.
Perhaps after viewing that one, the poor quality thermal may have some actual meaning.


Are we supposed to guess what your aiming the imager at?
Or what the other environmental factors are, etc, etc.

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I’ll take a stab at it. Cat or dog is peeing on the floor?

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Looks like a water heater.


It’s time for a professional consultation.


If the contractor used fiber reinforced plastic, the smell could be the adhesive that was applied between the plies of plastic. As it gets wet/older the smell will eventually smell like cat urine and the only way to get rid of the smell is to rip it all out and install a heavier mil single ply plastic. Google Crawl Space Ninja if you want to learn more about the right way to ensapsulate a crawlspace. Good luck I hope you figure it out.

I agree with Simon. Get a qualified thermographer in there, or such.

Your photo appears to be from a low resolution IR camera, like a C2. A high quality IR camera is just the first tool for a thermographer. No offense, but your photo is worthless and cannot tell us anything. You need someone practiced and skilled with investigating environmental issues like you are describing. It may be something as simple as the vapor barrier needs repair or a ventilation system added under the vapor barrier…or something entirely different.

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I never used my infrared camera in a crawlspace. Atmosphere and damage.
I use a high definition camera with flash for good quality high definition visual images. A regular high definition picture says a thousands words were as a thermogram looses its interpretation along the way.
Other crawlspace tools/equipment: Hygrometer. Moisture meter. Gas detector. Lasor level. Non contact volt tester. Digital level. String line.
I take images of all the readings. Those reading go into the report.
Hope that helps.

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[quote=“Nolo White, post:1, topic:216286, username:nwhite9”]
encapsulated crawlspace.
“encapsulated crawlspace” What the hell is that … Spray foamed … What?
Listen ! No one can even come close to anything in that image.
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It is not the crawlspace cat pee smell. The blue spot is it of any concern like maybe water. ON the left i do have water heater. It is hard to find qualified thermographer.

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