I have another A/C age and tonage?
I think this is a Sears unit, there is no name.

M/N: 867816940
S/N: H70545960



It is a Sears unit (Kenmore). I have one sitting in front of my house that’s 19 yrs. old. It’s a 3 ton.

Let me work on this for a minute…

Wow! that one’s tough.
Afraid I can’t find anything more helpful.

Hi Gary,

It is a Sears biult in the late 1970’s and is a 2 ton (24000 btu) unit.

And probably well past its “use by date”



Thanks Andrew and Jerry
Where are you all finding this info?

It can be a good tool with some practice. Most manufacturers have had a recall at one time, if you can find that info it may tell you how to read the serial number for date codes etc.