Age and tonnage of very old Sears AC unit?

I’m usually very good at figuring out this sort of thing, but this old Sears condenser unit has me stumped. The model and serial #s were poorly stamped on the data plate, and not easy to read, too. As best I can tell, they are:

Model: 769 81102
Serial #: 2805 186868

The tonnage is not obvious from the model #, and it obviously was not manufactured on 2005. My best guess is 1968 (from the 2nd group of #s in the S/N and the appearance of the unit). The furnace in the house was manufactured in 1984.





Since the serial number begins with four digits, I believe that unit was manufactured prior to 1976. Consequently, ignore the first digit (2), and the second digit is the 8 of 1968, and the 05 is May.

The second set of digits ( 186868 ) is simply a consecutive manufacturer number.

Based on no factual information other than 14.8 amp draw of the compressor my guess would be the unit is no larger than 3 tons