Helpers/Secondary Inspector

I’ve got a question for you guys that use helpers or bring in a second inspector in for a big jobs or what not. How do you break down the fee between the two?

I’m guessing a helper (non-licensed) would just be paid an hourly wage, but what if the other person is a licensed inspector also? Flat fee? Percentage?

I mean, the primary inspector’s marketing got the initial contact and signed the job, and ultimately they will be responsible for the report findings and so on, but the secondary is just as qualified.

Any thought or ideas?

You better offer half and remember the guy is doing you a favor.

Be thankful if a competitor comes in and assists you for a special job or get an employee.

The helper gets 1/3 if its your company and you will be doing the report and got the job. Sounds fair to me.


My best friend and I both are inspectors, and we team up a lot. We were just trying to decide the best way to split things, so wanted to see if there was a “norm”.

Take your gross sales for the month and subtract from that your fixed and unit costs for the month to get your profit for the month.

Add the number of hours you clocked (worked for the business) with the number of hours your friend clocked to get the total number of hours clocked.

Divide the your total profit by the total hours clocked to get a dollar per hour.

Times the dollar per hour by the number of hours you clocked to determine your cut for the month.

Times the dollar per hour by the number of hours your friend clocked to determine his cut for the month.

The sum of the two cuts will not only be equal to your gross sales less costs… but will also be directly proportional to the hours each of you clocked.

This system keeps the harder working partner from feeling he is under compensated and the other partner from feeling pressured to work harder.

just pay what you both are willing to accept. I would say $25 hour. youre helping each other and thats at least worth your time.