How much do you pay your helper/assistant?

For those of you that bring a helper or assistant with you on inspections, what do you pay him/her?

Would you pay them more if they were a formerly licensed inspector that had NO plans of going back into business for themselves and competing against you?

In other words, this person has all the same knowledge, but doesn’t have their own insurance, doesn’t have their own business, but just wants to freelance as a number two guy. What would you pay them per inspection?


They must have there own insurance or bond. I give them 37% if they do there own report ( I do some check lists myself), and back charge them 5% if it was my lead. If it is there own lead and they do the report it is 42% to them. I might add that this is 8% over the going rate in my area.
I will say that this is a rare senario for me as most of my over run is take care of by my fellow local inspectors.

Thanks for the reply.

I trained my associate myself. He turned out to be one very thorough inspector.

I pay my associate $115.00 per SF under 2,000 sq. ft. And add-on $10.00 per 1000 sq. ft over 2,000 square.

I also pay him $10.00 for each Radon or Water quality that he performs for me.

He has his own E & O and General Liability. He’s basically a sub-contractor.

Pay by the hour at a rate that is mutually agreeable to the Employer & Employee.

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Generous, indeed. I’ll do it for $95/s.f., have my own tools and insurance. I also know E. Mass quite well. What do you say, David?

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SF = Single Family

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Might want to just advertise here for newbies to ride along and help. Might catch a lurker.


Do you actually think I was quoting per Square Foot?

If you figure that in, it’s $230,000.00, paid out on an average home.

Thomas, where in eastern PA are you?

Bethlehem Area.


$10 p/hr (on the inspection) as trainee - riding & watching
$25 p/hr (on the inspection) knowing how to do some parts of inspection
30% of Fee when capable of doing Inspection
35% of Fee when cabable of doing & writing Inspection

More if female inspector resembling Pam Anderson

Wow! I’m willing to ride along for free! But I’ll take the money. :smiley:


Thats for someone we’ve hired.