Helping a friend

I’ve been asked to do a home inspection on a friend’s house. She’s currently in a battle with her insurance company over a storm that happened a few years ago and she claims there’s still damage from the storm that hasn’t been repaired. She want s to sell the house after the issues are settled and use the home inspection as a selling tool. I’d like to help her out but I don’t want to get involved in a legal battle, courts etc. Is there any way I can do the inspection ie for free or with a disclaimer that would keep me out of the legal battle?

It doesn’t matter what (or if) you charge for the service; once you involve yourself you are now part of the process.

If you did not know her and here concerns and she asked for a home Inspection I expect you would do the inspection.
To me this is just what we do for a living so do the inspection and charge your usual fee.

With the exception of not getting involved by not inspecting at all, there is no way to guarantee you won’t be pulled into the ruckus (if there is one).

Instead, add language to your PIA that states YOUR TERMS if you are compelled to testify as an Expert Witness. Search this MB for examples of appropriate fees and minimums to be paid you. There are many inspectors here that perform this service often. Seek them out for advice based upon their experiences.

If you know a local attorney you should talk to him first. If there is litigation later you will be glad you got some expert legal guidance in advance. CYA. Just be sure whoever you talk to is an experienced litigator. You could be called in by the opposing side and not get paid anything for your time. Tough spot to be in. Good luck with this. CYA. CYA. CYA.

I see the problem being a friend who wants to hire a thorough inspector to generate a report to use as a marketing piece. If you do it, don’t pull any punches, because your friendship may later be pointed to as evidence that your report was not generated impartially.

Maybe suggest a good InterNACHI member to your friend instead. Here:

I told her I’ll do an informal walk through, take a look around, then decide if im going to do an inspection

Pre-listing inspections for friends… No No and No. If there is ever litigation from the new buyer, your friendship and report will look more like collusion. Just do a walk through, no payment and nothing in writing. I would refer her to another Nachi inspector in your area or maybe even a competitor that you don’t like. LOL.