Herbster Furnace

Does anyone have information for Herbster Products Co. furnace. I have a serial number of 6115. How old is this unit? I’m thinking 1961 manufacturer date? Any help would be appreciated.

My guess is 1961 also. Based on the little research I did, it appears that there was a product patented in the late 40’s by G.B. Herbster that was a combo laundry dryer and furnace. It was noted in Popular Science in 1954 being manufactured by Herbster Products Co. Probably didn’t go over very well and '61 could have been in it’s later years. Just a guess on my end.
Popular Science - Google Books.webarchive (2.2 MB)

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Thank you for checking.

The home that my father built and I grew up in had a Herbster Furnace. It was a combination furnace and clothes dryer. The heating portion was on the bottom and the dryer was on the top. To activate the dryer, you would turn a handle and that would deflect the heat into the dryer. I could never figure out how the house did not get warm in the Summer and of course, the house get warm in the Winter when the dryer was running. My father built our house in 1955. I was always told that the furnace was built in Cleveland, Ohio. We lived in northeast Ohio. When I went to have it replaced, I got a lot of strange looks from heating contractors.


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Thanks for the info. No dryer function on this one. I’ll let you know if I come across any like that in Western PA.