Here is another one...what is this for?

Same condo…same condo location…same condo channel

I am uncertain what this is for I suggest asking the sellers.JPG

Some sort of filtering system I believe.

where in orlando are these located Paul

Looks like a return air filter on the outside of the return air duct for the FAU.
Strange install to me since these are “normally” in a housing with ducting to either a large louver in a room or seperate return air duct system from each room… A whole house filtration system maybe too but what a install!!:eek:

Was there door / hatch/ louver/ vent in a door or something like it …
Need a larger picture!!:smiley:

See these all the time. It is a pleated filter, nothing fancy or confusing about it. There are many different configurations for where a filter can be placed in the return air stream.
This filter appears to be very dirty and clogged, way past due for changing. Probably why they had to have the ductwork professionally cleaned. There are brackets along the sides and at the bottom that the filters slides down into to hold the filter in place. No better or no worse than the drop down grill you are used to seeing. The ones I really like are the ones w/o any kind of filter and the evap coil is so caked with petritous matter you can’t even see the fins. Not much cooling or dehumidifying going on there.

If this is a filter, then this return set-up is a red flag.

No returns can be in the same room as the furnace.

Pretty common here. They slap a louvered door on the furnace closet and call it good to go. AHJ pass them all the time. See them mostly in small retrofitted homes, condos, and mobile homes. Generally electric furnaces. And believe it or not a lot of people don’t seem to mind. They just keep buying those pieces of crap blue fiberglass filters that you can see through and complain about their high electric bills every summer. If you tell them to buy a good filter they look at you like you have two heads.

Is This an electric furnace? Sometimes the returns are in the same room (closet) as the furnace on Electric Furnaces.

I wasn’t aware that this furnace was electric.

If that’s the case, it’s good to go.

It’s the combustion furnaces that must be red flagged in this type of installation.

This is the air intake of the condo i inspected yesterday. 2 yrs old and no filter.??? oh and it a n.gas high e. system heat pump. all in realy good shape, execpt for the missing $5 filter.

sorry here’s the pic.

grrrrrrr!!! how 'bout now?

100_0914 (Small).JPG

Standard electric or water furnace with filter, always found in condo high rises around here.