Hey everyone. What legal documents would you like to have our Legal Dept draft up?

Mark Cohen and our Legal Department are asking what other legal documents you would like to have.

We have www.nachi.org/documents.htm already.

On our list of legal documents to create, is an inspection agreement for new construction/phase/draw inspections.

What else would you like?

**“Release of All Claims”

**I have one, but an updated handy reference is always good…

Is www.nachi.org/release.htm sufficient?

It is the one I have been using,
just curious if anything has changed…

We added a Plain English version to the bottom of that link. That’s about the only change.

I’m going to have our entire Legal Department together for a week so I wanted to know if you all needed anything from them.

I use a couple types agreements ] that would like to see solidified better if possible.

1} Common areas comments at my discretion condo ]

2} Do many multi-unit building inspections they are residential here ,not commercial ]
…and would like to see a strong language for random sampling and ability to access.

I presently have riders .

Is the new simple English InterNACHI agreement complete yet? If so can you provide a link?

It is listed with all of the agreement templates at your members dashboard; agreements.

So what we have is all good and does not need review…

How about having a document (s) made available for clients whose cheque got returned due to insufficient fund and/or clients not showing up at inspection and not returning calls / not paying for the inspection.

Nick I would appreciate an outline and agreement for a Four (4) point inspection with related legal ease and any release of liability.

Rick, we’ll work on the 4 point agreement for you. That’s a good one I didn’t think of.

Swimming Pool Addendum / Agreement

I do not do 4 Point Inspections…
Definitely an Inspection that needs to be specifically delineated for a Contractual Review…

Good one Tim.

Hey Tim, I saw you rang me tonight but I’m in the mountains and don’t have phone service, just internet. Can you email me?

Our Office routinely inspects Pools (Not Winterized/Covered) under the Standard IOA for functionality and observed deficiencies.

You Need to be experienced with Pool Inspections, Piping, Valving and Equipment.

Pools between September to May are Winterized (Covered and Evacuated) and Not Inspected in this area

So you want language for a letter to send to them?

Nick ?..feel like chopped liver .

How about an employee agreement.

Plain English versions of other agreements such as for radon and well water.