Hey guys whats up Ya'll "Roll Tide"!

Hey Ya’ll,
My name is Darren Brazier, I live in the north Alabama area, actually in the small town of Toney. I have taken three courses so far but have yet to introduce myself or in fact even use the message boards. Now at the end of my next final I can answer “yes” to the question: if I did use the message board prior to downloading the certificate.

Anyway, I am glad to be here as I do own a newly formed home inspection business, however I am the only one not yet licensed as of yet. This COVID 19 Quarantine has afforded me some spare time to get with the program.


Welcome to the forum, Darren!

Welcome to the forum. Don’t be a stranger.

Welcome to our forum, Darren…where there are no stupid questions.

It is good to have you here…Enjoy! :smile: