Hello I just joined and saying hi

Hello I’m Shamika hicks I’m new but looking forward to expanding my knowledge and working with everyone.


Welcome Shamika

Hi, Shamika.
Welcome to the InterNACHI message board.

Tell the member’s a little something about yourself. You dreams in the home inspection industry and what you aspire to be come.
We will all try to help you become the best.
Awaiting your reply.



Welcome to our forum, Shamika!..Enjoy!

Welcome to the forum, Shamika!!! Enjoy. :grinning:

I’m also new :stuck_out_tongue:
Spending so much time on this forum today omg…

Welcome to you too! :smiley:

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Welcome to both of you!

Welcome !!!

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Hi y’all! C.H. McCutcheon from East Palestine, OH. First time on the forum, but been a member for about a year. My business name is On Sight Property Inspection, LLC, almost a year old. Looking forward to the party!

Welcome to our forum, C.H.!..Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you kindly, Larry!

Welcome C.H. Good to see another Ohio member!

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome all

Welcome Shamika! There is a great group of experienced Inspectors in InterNACHI that can really help you succeed. I’ve been active for about a year now, and have benefited from the knowledge and advice of the other members.

So… it’s seven months later and this is still your only post to this MB. Tell us again how you plan to…