Hey. I'm new 'round these parts.

Hi, I’m the newest member of the “NACHI” sqaud, working down here with the crazy posse.
I just wanted to introduce myself…because in about a month, I’ll probably lock them all in the closet and take over.

No, don’t tell them.

I told you not to tell.

You can’t keep anything a secret can you?

:twisted: Erin Dugan;-)

This is my first day so I’m still learning about the whole deal, but for future reference here’s my number:


Welcome Erin…fill us in on the new folks duties. There are apparently others as well as you, right? BTW, Erin…that can be either a male or female name I suppose. I’m betting female. Does Nick hire any guy types to work at HQ?

I like your sense of humor, Erin! Much like mine…

…and just what do you do??

Erin will be working on a assortment of projects. Nick is filled with ideas he doesn’t have enough man/woman power to put them into action. Erin will be helping out with what ever Nick has up his sleeve :smiley:

I worked my first full day with Erin today, she is going to add a lot of energy into NACHI.

Welcome Erin!

Only one. :wink:

The rest are young, skinny, pretty, and all girl. :cool:

Welcome to the NACHI braintrust, Erin…

Well, at this juncture (and probably indefinitely), I shall be doing just whatever needs to be done. This will be anything from database expansion, mailing, to answering the phone next to me that is always a wrong number.

Yep. I am of the female persuasion as well. Well, Nick used to hire only big fat guys, but that became a problem…if you know what I mean.

Yes, I am the female version of Erin. The hiring process includes a swimsuit competition, a talent show, and a cooking test. We also had a 2 hour course on how to utilize Easy Off while wearing 6 inch spike heels (you think vigorous scrubbing is difficult normally…oh man!).