NACHI Haters

This only my second day as a member of NACHI and I am very excited to get my business started. So excited that I went to Office Depot tonight to pick up some supplies for my new office and as I was leaving I saw a guy that had a HI polo on. I went up to him and said that I noticed his shirt and asked if he would mind if I could ask him some questions. We live in Nebraska and there are no state requirements so I asked him how he got certified. He is an ASHI member. I told him that I just started my training and that I was a NACHI member. He interrupted me and said that there was a rumor that NACHI just has you take a quick test online and you are “certified”. I told him that I thought NACHI was very comprehensive in their certifications and that he should check it out sometime. He then told me that this was a horrble time to get started as an HI because of the economy. I think he was mad because I told him that I was just starting out and he didn’t want to talk to potential competition. He tried to discourage me about the industry. Part of it worked because as someone that is starting out brand new, it is very nerve-wracking at times and you are unsure about certain aspects of the business. Anyway, sorry for rambling but I just wanted to get it out there that there are other HI’s that are under the impression that we are some half assed operation. Thanks for listening and feel free to comment.

If you see him again ask him what test, and how many, he had to take to become a member of ASHI.

This is a bad time to be entering the profession, Michael. Both ASHI and NACHI have lost about half of the members we had a year ago. Turnover was high before that, but even higher in a depressed market.

He was telling you the truth and giving you some straight, although not pleasant to the ear, advice.

If you expect your NACHI membership or “certification” to open doors for you, you will be greatly disappointed. You will require demonstrated skill…that you can market…to make it in these tough times.

I’m shocked…shocked, I say!

Well…that’s not really a false statement. Oh wait, you also have to pay $289.

Any time you’re going into business for yourself is a great time indeed. Times are supposed to be tough, or so I’ve heard, but I continue to make adjustments to my ship based on the tides and the weather, and I’m getting richer by the day. I wish you fine weather, and wind in your sails.

Welcome Mr Manning.

Anytime someone tells me they are with ASHI , I start the conversation with “Oh you are in the …old Association”!!!

This is not a lousy time to get started.

The competition is dying off like flies along with Realtors and the like.
The listings are piling up. Foreclosures are everywhere. Homeowners don’t take care when they leave a foreclosure. Maybe a Home Inspection would be in order.

You have several months of real hard times when starting your HI Biz. The cards your passing out won’t even start to take hold for 90 days or better in a good market. What better time to get things right in your business plan!

You’ll be getting phone calls asking if your still in business, rather than “How much do you charge” as the first question!

Investors are watching and waiting.
Realtors are sitting and watching.

You may be able to even buy one of them a cup of coffee! They don’t have anywhere to run off to.

By the time you figure out what your trying to do, things will change and start to turn around. A good place for you to be.

Just be very careful where your throwing your money. It’s going to have to last for a while.

ASHI inspectors … NACHO Haters ??? :roll::roll::roll:
I Think you got it backwards:twisted::twisted:
If you stick around very long you will find many nacho members that are ASHI haters join ASHI., and nick cannot give away free nacho memberships to ASHI members… ;-):wink:

I agree. It’s a good time, competition is low and a new type of market getting ready to burst.

What’s wrong buddy? Can’t hack it or just a little friendly rivalry?

Thank you for the good advice. I am here to learn and this is exactly what I need to hear.

What’s wrong buddy? It soulds like you are a little offended! I mean if you decided to make a stink over a comment on an organizations website that you don’t even belong to, Wait a minute, why are you on this message board? Looking for a little education and training. ASHI seems like a very competent and educated organization and i am sure I read somewhere about some “ethics” thing they have. Oh yeah “act in a professional manner and strive to uphold the reputation and practice of the home inspection profession”. Well thanks you for setting things straight dharris. Good luck with all of your future endeavors!!!

Don’t waste your time with negative people, including those in our own organization. ASHI and its members deserve our respect, but Nick and NACHI “reign” supreme. The truth is immutable.

Sunshine and lollipops

This only my second day as a member of NACHI and I am very excited to get my business started.

I just joined NACHI last week myself, (still can’t log in as a member). We have provided radon tests and mold inspections to home inspectors for several years now (over 8,000 home inspections). Our experience is that the Inspector not so much as whether they ASHI, NACHI, FABI or others makes the difference. I joined NACHI because they seem to provide the best support, training etc. Many of the inspectors we work with belong to more than one assoc.; more you know the better you serve your client.
Suggest you get or build a website, we build cheap ones but dominate the whole page for most google searches in our area. (something to work on while waiting for the phone) not the best but works for us.
Good luck
Doug Wall
Radon & Mold Professionals

Good advice Doug!

It seems to be the general consensus that a web site presence is one of the most effective marketing investments in use today.

It helps you “say” what the client needs to know without having to go over it every time.

Other cost effective marketing that drives traffic to your site for additional information should also be considered. This starts with a business card.

If your into building your own site, check with Dominic at:

“Before” you do anything! Selecting your URL name properly is the 1st most important thing you need to consider. You won’t get better service, support or website for your investment anywhere! I knew nothing about web building 90 days ago and Dominic has me on page one of most search engines already!

Dan seems to think that pointing out, from time to time, that ASHI has:

…nearly no membership benefits (they even took down their membership page as it only had logo usage and a $5 discount on a magazine) and absolutely no membership requirements is “bashing.” Call 'em as you see 'em.

Anyway, if you need a quick website go to, free, hosting free too. Then do a better one with Dominic.

SEO:, also free.

Hi Michael!
Welcome to NACHI! You will see that some inspectors say that “This is a slow time for them” and others say… they are booked solid.

  • This has a lot do with with YOUR marketing skills and with YOUR phone presentation.

This came up at our last State Chapter meeting and after a little research I came up with the links to the videos that I have studied for years and years.

Maybe the following NACHI newsletter will help. :stuck_out_tongue:



State Chapter of

[FONT=Algerian]The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors [/FONT]


PUBLISHER DATE: Frank Carrio September 25, 2008

Hi To All!
You say that you are tired of “Low Ballers”? You say that you are tired of losing the sale / inspection to other “Less Qualified” inspectors?

Have you ever wondered why a prospective client did not book his / her inspection with you and continued to “Shop” around after they talked to you?

SIMPLE…… YOU failed to close the sale!

One of the things that we forget is that we are not only Professional Inspectors but…… Professional Businessmen.
Part of being a Professional Businessman is being able to “Close the Sale”!

What Sale you ask?
YOU are selling yourself, and YOUR Professional services.

It does not matter how good you are as an inspector IF you cannot SELL your yourself as a Professional, and your services as the most Professional in your area!

I STRONGLY encourage each and every one of you to take the time and trouble to take some BASIC courses in selling.
I have listed some of the best and time tested / proven sales techniques as presented by some of the most widely acclaimed MASTERS in selling techniques.

I recommend that you check out these websites on “Closing the Sale”

Brian Tracey

Zig Ziglar

One of my favorites!
J. Douglas Edwards

Don’t let this advice go in one ear and out of the other…. I-N-V-E-S-T in YOUR future, invest in YOUR business…… Buy some of these CD’s and LEARN how to “Close the Sale”.

After you do …… you will be absolutely stunned as to how bad of a “Salesmen” you were before you were educated in these techniques!

Good Luck to all of you!

Sincerely, Frank Carrio CMI.
Certified Master Inspector & Consultant
Certified Commercial Building Inspector
Founder & President, New Hampshire State Chapter
The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors {NACHI}

Chris McDonald, CMI
Vice President, New Hampshire State Chapter, NACHI
McDonald Home Inspection Services, LLC
Jaffrey, NH