Hey John and Michelle... nice logo!

Thank you we love it.

Thanks InterNachi and Nick!

To bad we have to read about it here instead of the misc section.

Or how about make a section just for that stuff. It is very easy to do and I personally do not come to the Florida section to hear about someones friggin logo.

It is so bad in the misc section I do not even bother going there any more.

Seems like Florida news to me. Honor is located in FL. Great logo!

Imagine that. I think your opinion sucks on this as well :smiley:

Enjoy it.

I guess they forgot to put logo “NEWS” in the description.

Florida Inspectors This is a place for Florida InterNACHI inspectors to discuss Florida inspection topics, wind mitigation inspections and 4-point inspections.

We really wish you would go back to stucco work. You are sad, you post on almost every thread but complain when the org posts something you do not like. You should really just go get you own message board.

Washedupgcstuccoguys.com :stuck_out_tongue:

Kind of like you right now huh?

Just bitchin. I try to make things better by voicing an honest opinion instead of just sucking asses.

I do believe this is a thread about a logo for ME. duh.:roll:

It would be better… if you just went away.

You do not know anything about me or my work with or for Nachi. I am one of the first to point out its great features and one of the first to do something when it falls short. You just whine. You make GCs look bad we will not even touch your inability to do a home inspection.

If you want to know the truth about yourself, just ask the professionals that work around you. Did you not just ask how to classify a shed roof? Some GC expert you are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bitchin, bitchin, bitchin.

Baaa baaa bbaaaa

A vast majority who post here are just punks that tow the company line.

They just regurgitate whatever they hear someone say or write.

And for the record I have already made my decision on the roof and submitted the report before posting my question.

I just want to hear the opinions of all those professionals you speak of. I am always interested in hearing others opinions on how they interpret the current forms.

I am no fool who claims to know everything as those wrote the forms cannot even tell us what is what.

Nothing but opinions.

I actually love when meeker posts. The public sees him for who he is and tells my office when the book with us.

The feeling is mutual.

OH MY GOODNESS. Back to the OP Message.

Nick - our logo is Awesome. Many thanks to you and your staff for their tireless service to InterNACHI inspectors. Your Team makes this the only Professional Organization to be a part of. Anyone who isn’t an InterNACHI inspector is at a HUGE disadvantage.

Many Thanks. - Michelle

Love the new logo!!!

Folks, don’t be so hard on Meeker. He is who he is and nothing is going to change that. I also have strong opinions about many things and I do let them be known some of the time. One of your options is to put him on your ignore list if be bothers you that much. I don’t care for certain peoples attitudes but it does make me check mine more often so that the moment I start getting too critical about people and every little thing, I re-evaluate and correct it so I don’t end up all bitter and resentful. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and the last thing I need is to have a client pick up on it. I would rather they saw me as positive, helpful and cheerful, how about you?

Awesome Logo!

We need to get Michelle’s signature updated. Have a great weekend! :slight_smile: