New logo for Viking Inspections

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Wow, I want that one.

Is this for that guy in Alexandria, MN?
He’s no longer a Nachi Member.
If so, and Nick doesn’t claim the logo… I call dibb’s on it!!!

No Results Name:N/AContact:N/AInterNACHI ID:N/ACity: N/AState/Province: N/ACountryN/ACertification Status: No longer certifiedHonor Guarantee: $10,000 Honor Guarantee](, backed by InterNACHI: Not coveredThe International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc. is a non-profit organization helping home inspectors maintain inspection excellence. For more information about InterNACHI, visit

Reminds me of the icon used by the world’s best association for contractors: :wink:

That’s a bunch of “Bull”! :mrgreen:

Levi actually designed both logos.

I like it… Maybe adding a castle ghost image in the background?

Levi !
Why didn’t you do a job like that for me ?
Naw ! Just jokin’
Great work Brother .


Phallic as it gets.:slight_smile:

Always thinking of c*ck, aren’t you? :shock:

You walked right into that one! You just never learn, do you. #-o

You are in denial or ignorant of marketing psychology if you do not agree.
Go look up marketing and subliminal advertising.

You both are crude.
And HIJacking another thread.

Not at all.
Just stating facts.
You need to learn more about promotion and marketing son.

Your avatar is based off what is known as hex symbols so you must be pulling our legs.
You into the occult ?

Its the Knight Templars (which I am) along with other Masonic symbols .

Then you know all about symbolism and subliminals.
Check out the Washington monument .(Father of our country)

There is nothing wrong with that marketing as it has been proven to work and Jeff is simply ignoring facts which is not good in our line of business.

I always tell it like it is because that is what I do best.

Gotta work,enjoy your day.:):mrgreen:;-):cool:

Lovin’ my new logo Levi. Thanks for the great work!


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Did this get it?