Hey Nick...

I noticed it has been mighty quiet around here, I expected you to come back and run your mouth, Once a racist weenie, always a racist weenie! :roll:

LOL, too cute.

Racist?? Where did that come from? I’m gonna go tell Nick!! :roll: :roll:

Ken, you are your own worst enemy. “Your as sharp as a bowling ball”

You are making fun of a black man with a glass eye, that’s how!

What enemies, everybody loves me! :shock:

Go ahead, he will probably kick me out, because I am a member! :roll:

Really?? You’re going to call me a racist, because of that?

What a sad little man you are…

BTW, someone sent me a note to pass on to you -“Please tell Ken Lott his really small weenie is showing”. I couldn’t have said it better.

I firmly believe that all the Brian M’s and other supposed “harassers” in the world are geniuses. To be able to get under your ***adult ***skin, and make you look like the retard. Kudos to them all, kudos.

My daily dedication to you - Dedication

I’d donate $289 to make that happen. Give the membership to someone that will actually use it for what it is intended for.

You are one of favorite slaves.
** Seeing as how they could not pass the message on their own, I assume your twin must have been banned for a while from posting!** :mrgreen:

and that would be…to follow others around and start trouble, just so you can get some greenies to satisfy your fix? :roll::roll: Poor child.

Happy Holidays Kenny, hope Santa does you righteous. :smiley:

We protect members who desire a safe-haven from non-member harassment by providing this Misc. Discussion forum where members can post but non-members can only read.

We also protect members who desire to brawl with non-members by providing plenty of forums that are open to all.

We try to accommodate the wishes of all members, safety for those who want to be left alone, a ring for those who want to fight. Different strokes for different folks.

Cool…as long as it looks professional!

joey, the best present I could get would be a demonstration of that new gun on yourself! :mrgreen: BTW, are you going to do the elf thingy this year, or stick to the troll gig? You better be good… you better not shout… or Santa… Claus… will dress you… like a kraut! :mrgreen:

Calling fellow members “racist” is professional?? You need to head back to school Little Kenny.

Love Ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

Silly me I just figured you would put me on your mercy killing list, what’s up too busy? :stuck_out_tongue:

Beserkeson, don’t you ever tire of lying? I heard your tongue drags on the floor…is that true?

Speaking the truth is always professional.

Man up you ****ing asshole, or are you just too yellow to refused to own up to what you said?

Never mind you lying puke, I’ll just post a copy below and everyone can make up their own mind, you see that is the way things are done in America & at NACHI, better get used to it.

I already gave the definition, but as usual, you cannot understand plain english. But I do understand your bitterness joey, it must be terrible being stuck in that body, with a Demon! Poor little fella!

Come on you puke, give us another lie about your hatred & death wish for your fellow NACHI members, spin it real good, so if your Momma reads this even she’ll believe you.