HGTV Urban Oasis house

Anybody notice that their $700000 2019 house is missing handrails and guardrails? Very picturesque, though.

You’re supposed to stand way, far back when looking at anything created on hgtv


See that a lot. Especially on some British shows like Grand Design. Decks with no rails and narrow steep stairs with no handrails. Building codes must be very lax over there.


Not much of a house for 700 Gs!

Are you referring to this…

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Yes, Roy. That’s it.

Here if I remember correctly railing is only required if the floor surface is 30" or more above grade.

30 inches is correct. This looks really close to the 30 but, of course, I can’t know for sure.

When I win it I’ll add railings before I sell it so the buyer’s inspector won’t write it up. :wink:

I count four risers. A handrail is required even if is is less than a 30" height to the porch or deck.

I was referring to the porch height to grade.

Yes, if each of the 4 risers is the 7.5 inch they’re supposed to be… 30 inches!

So was I. What did you think I meant?

On his webinar today, Ben G. Said that he calls out steps for lack of a handrail even if it is just one or two steps. He says that he is guided by safety concerns, not by minimum code.