HGTV Urban Oasis house

Anybody notice that their $700000 2019 house is missing handrails and guardrails? Very picturesque, though.

You’re supposed to stand way, far back when looking at anything created on hgtv


See that a lot. Especially on some British shows like Grand Design. Decks with no rails and narrow steep stairs with no handrails. Building codes must be very lax over there.


Not much of a house for 700 Gs!

Are you referring to this…

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Yes, Roy. That’s it.

Here if I remember correctly railing is only required if the floor surface is 30" or more above grade.

30 inches is correct. This looks really close to the 30 but, of course, I can’t know for sure.

When I win it I’ll add railings before I sell it so the buyer’s inspector won’t write it up. :wink:

I count four risers. A handrail is required even if is is less than a 30" height to the porch or deck.

I was referring to the porch height to grade.

Yes, if each of the 4 risers is the 7.5 inch they’re supposed to be… 30 inches!

So was I. What did you think I meant?

On his webinar today, Ben G. Said that he calls out steps for lack of a handrail even if it is just one or two steps. He says that he is guided by safety concerns, not by minimum code.

Also guided by the trend with insurance companies wanting handrails at steps and guardrails on porches and balconies in an effort to minimize their potential need for a payout. Every payout eats into their bottom line. The insurance companies drive many codes. Recall that “code” started in NY City back in the days when Edison & Tesla brought that new fangled thing called electricity into our domiciles. Stuff was done in an often sloppy manner leading to fires for which the insurance companies had to pay. They “forced” NY City to introduce the first codes.

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