Hi Everyone

I just joined NACHI, and this is my first post.

I have been reading the message boards for some time now, and want to thank many of you for the excellent advice and tips I have received already…even if it has been indirectly. I look forward to learing more in the near future.


Welcome to the group :wink:


Welcome Chris!

I had to look that one up…so I’ve learned something else :slight_smile:

Welcome Chris

Welcome, and if you need any help, just ask.

Hello Chris,

I too have just joined and want to welcome you and thank all that have posted in the past. There seems to be an abundant amount of information here and look forward in learning from you all.


Welcome Chris.

Welcome Chris.

Welcome to the group. I am also a newbie and have learned the most about this business right here on these forums and through Nicks education programs. Take the time now and just start doing the courses and get them under your belt, read what everyone has to say. filter out what you think you need to and grow with the rest of us.