High efficiency vent clearance from ground

What is the minimum clearance from the ground for an area of the country that gets snow (Northwest Ohio)? I know this can’t be right, but I was hoping someone had a picture or link to verify.

Thanks in advance!

Looking at a PDF for one model it states 12 inch ground clearance.
How come I do not see the exhaust in your picture as they are normally 18 inches apart.?

That pipe doesn’t look big enough from here.

Typical manufacturers’ instructions state exahaust and or intake must terminate at least 12 inches above grade or anticipated snow levels. Single pipe installations are acceptable with some furnace models but require a combustion air supply. It looks like 2 inch venting which is acceptable in some installations depending on total length, we are using 636 venting to replace PVC shedule 40 pipe.

The intake is apparantly in the crawlspace, which I wasn’t able to enter or verify.


Here is a good informative diagram.
furnace exhaust sch 40.jpg

So then it is 12" above anticipated snow level, correct?


Also need to look carefully at intake pipes (where used). If too close to the ground it can suck up leaves and other light material. That material will generally get caught at the screen right at the furnace but can eventually reduce air flow to the point that the furnace will trip on flame roll-out.