requried height

Is there a required height for a exhausted from a furnace


I have never seen any this low and would be interested to see what the group comes up with. My biggest concern at this height would be the potential for animal / pest intrusion.

Generally 12 inches (USA Standard) above expected snowfall.

In an area with no snow expectations…12 inches from grade.


2006 ICC

**804.3.4 Horizontal terminations. **Horizontal terminations
shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. Where located adjacent to walkways, the termination
    of mechanical draft systems shall be not less than 7
    feet (2134 mm) above the level of the walkway.

  2. Vents shall terminate at least 3 feet (914 mm) above
    any forced air inlet located within 10 feet (3048 mm).

  3. The vent system shall terminate at least 4 feet (1219
    mm) below, 4 feet (1219 mm) horizontally from or 1
    foot (305 mm) above any door, window or gravity air
    inlet into the building.

  4. The vent termination point shall not be located closer
    than 3 feet (914 mm) to an interior corner formed by
    two walls perpendicular to each other.

  5. The vent termination shall not be mounted directly
    above or within 3 feet (914 mm) horizontally from an
    oil tank vent or gas meter.

  6. The bottom of the vent termination shall be located at
    least 12 inches (305 mm) above finished grade.

If that’s the height of the crawl space, the ventilation on that side must also be lacking. Can they redirect it to a higher side?

It is the basement.

Snow blockage is the concern. It will shut down the furnace.

It can be raised up and turned back down (if that window above can not be opened).