High rise condo HVAC question

I am doing a high rise condo on the 23rd floor of a fairly new building. I am pretty sure it is a water source heat pump…
Question: Are these systems in high rises set up to be in one mode only depending on the season?..In other words during the winter are you only able to turn on the heat setting of the HVAC for these water source systems…and during the summer months only able to use the cooling setting?
I am assuming that the only thing inside the unit is an air handler and some coils

I would not think a heat pump water source on a 23+ high rise

My thinking would be central chiller like a hotel two coils in the condo one for chill water and one for hot water from a central boiler. Your disclosure sheet if available should list the type of heating and cooling systems

so I should be able to test both the heat and cooling modes?

I would think so look at the coil 2 pipe or 4 pipe

What do you plan to test?

The facility HVAC system is not within the scope of your condo inspection.

As the State of Tennessee rules direct, turn it on at the thermostat and observe.

Whether it is a two pipe or a four pipe system, the performance of the HVAC is the responsibility of the facility. Your only concern is with the operation of the air handling unit.

Set up an appointment with the facility engineer and talk with them about the system if you want to provide this information to your client.