Hydronic HVAC systems in high rise buildings

Rarely do I inspect condos in high rise units. I am doing one tomorrow. It has water source heating and cooling.
Since it is the middle of summer am I only able to test the cooling cycle of these units? or is this system set up for both cooling and heating all year long? …I am confused on these systems
Anyone know what kind of temperature differentials I should be seeing?


The building probably controls the water temp with a boiler and a chiller. So they determine when the building switches from one to another. You might be able to operate the thermostat and get hear but it is usually electric resistance if it does produce any heat. This is what I have seen but every place is different.

I ran into a very stupidly complicated zoning system in a commercial building a few months back. I called a heating and cooling technician I knew and had him look at the system. I am never afraid to call out somebody with more experience with a system and pay them out of my pocket. I usually learn more than I really want to know and I insure my client gets the service he deserves.

There are half a million potential scenarios when it comes to these systems and designs, however the inspection is being done for the client not the property management or building owner.

Other than turning on the equipment at the thermostat and seeing that it operates as you would expect if you lived there, analysis of a system that is maintained and provided as a common utility is not necessary in this inspection.