HIP websites?

are they all pretty much bogged down right now? I’ve tried going on several in area and they won’t connect.


Hi Jeffrey,

I’m not seeing any issues on this end. What site in particular are you trying to get? Email me your IP address, your ip might have been blocked.


Are your websites mobile friendly?

Yes they adjust .
Check out one of my HIP sites on your phone to decide.

Thanks Bob, all of your websites are showing up good.

They were back to normal last night. When I went on just HIP sites there was a huge delay, if they even came up. Any other inspection site immediately connected. All is fine now.


You guys keep in mind EVERY server will have a issue from time to time. No host is up 100%.

My entire internet went out twice yesterday.
Seems to happen when they want payment.

True. I was asking to see if it was something on my end or if it was something that was affecting everyone else.


The U.S. is relinquishing control of the internet and other countries have been periodically controlling it.
I get Chinese e-mails on a daily basis.

Heck I went and paid just now and the message said outage today while last night she said its a bad modem.

Just took a Tylenol “Made in China”

Jeff, you never sent me your IP address. We have greatly increased our security after those last attacks and a few guys had their computers trigger an auto ban on our servers. I can look up the IP if you have problems. The first time it’ll block you for 15 minutes then it eventually sticks until I remove it.

Dom…sent it via your email the other night. Maybe Dan intercepted it and is wondering ‘WTF’?..


Hey Jeff both sites are loading fine but what is that picture trail widget all about ?
Looks like it is tied in with Flickr and they were just bought out by Yahoo which sucks cause you need a Yahoo account …got that password buried somewhere around here and bet there a million spams on the ole email I have not checked in 3 years since Nachi Chicago decided to try IM …lol.

Not associated with Flickr, it’s independent. Why? Is it not coming up on your laptop?


Desktop,rarely use the laptop.
Had just come of Flickr checking out my favorite photographer Andre Govia when I saw your site link here.

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