Hiring a Home Inspector CMHC Style

Check it out.



Outdated info. CAHI no longer exists.


A body set up by itself, overseen by itself, certified by itself, that does not meet through audit that its program meets CAN P9 to which it claims it meets.

Sounds like negligent misrepresentation to me. But then again what the he ll do I know?

NACHI should launch a formal protest of this nonsence with CMHC and the MP responsible for CMHC


I think some in CAHPI/National have been misinforming CMHC. Unfortunately it appears that in the past CMHC willingly condoned much of the bull. However rest assured actions have been taken to bring to the attention of CMHC just what has been stated in propaganda, and other totally unacceptable comments by CAHPI leadership, of whom we are all aware of having abused their positions in a government funded program.

I hope we can set the record straight with the Alberta Government representative on Friday at 11:00 AM in Sutherland room 2. See y’all there.

Thanks Vern glad you are there to look out for all Home Inspectors .
Please keep us posted I will be at the Toronto Conference .
You can get me at Roycooke@sympatico.ca or 613-475-1144

If we don’t hook up prior, I’ll be there as well.

How will we recognize one another? :wink:


Ya gotta love the second article.
Reminds me of someone we heard from a couple weeks ago that did charge $200 for an inspection.
What an outadated moronic statement.
Just like that stupid someone who said “I make a good living charging $200”

The only peron who can charge 200$ for an inspection either:

A. Has so much money that they really doesn’t need it and in turn depreciates the value of an inspection.

B. Is in some way attempting to bring down the price for some alterior motive.

I know he knows who he is. Give you head a good shake and stop making it harder for the rest us trying to make a living.

He can’t very well stop marketing what has now become a standard for his area. Seems short sighted to set the price so artificially low compared to the competition.

Consumers who pay $99 for an inspection are getting what they pay for. Unfortunately some consumers would rather cheat themselves thinking a low price equates with quality.

I’m booked into the Holiday Inn and my cell is 780 718 5581. Hopefully it’s a local call when called from the city I’m in.

Actually he is the Yugo of home inspectors. With all cars you get four wheels, and a motor. Is the quality there? Same with your friend that lives near you. Lately when a realtor asks me why I do not match his prices, I ask them why they do not drive a Yugo.
If you cannot charge the going rate, it is because of the cheap labour.
Stephen, I am personally assignig you the job of relettering his truck to read " **YUGO HOME INSPECTIONS, WE ARE CHEAP, UNRELIABLE AND HAVE NO REAL QUALITY… BUT WE ARE CHEAP!" **

I posted part of this somewhere else but will post it here.
For those who think being part of an association maked them a good inspector.
One agent was really upset today. She told me her clients picked the one inspector as he told them he was a member of OAHI (Ontario) and this is what is important here. He listed items and told them it would cost about $27,000 to repair all the items.

One item was the chimney that needed to be rebuilt as it was affecting the operation of the fireplace and was unsafe. The purchaser were about to walk from the deal. The realtor said let’s get an estimate of some items first. They agreed.

She brought in a mason and asked what it would cost to have the chimney repaired so it would be safe to operate and not affect the fireplace. He looked at her and advised a direct vent fireplace does not use the chimney. He stated the chimney had been capped and was not used. It could use some repointing for aesthetics only and was in good shape, but was not used for anything now.

She then went through all the major items he had listed and all the contractors that were brought in advised to do the “needed” repairs would be a waste of money. Her purchasers were upset and told her they should have listened to her and used her recommended inspector.

This “inspector” installed telephones. He took a home inspectors course and thinks he can now give a qualified opinion on a house. Why? Because as he states “he is a member of a professional association.”



Every association has them. For anyone to be consistently stating as some do that one association is better than the other is nonsense. Will someone please tell Dan Harris and others of this fact!