Historic Meetings In NY

With the submission for public comment regarding the new SOP and COE for HIs being posted, and all the flaws found therein, a Task Force of representatives of all major NATIONAL and NY STATE home inspection organizations decided to work together, and craft an alternate version of both docs for submittal to the NY State Home Inspection Council and the Department of State.

I had the pleasure of working with several ASHI, NAHI, and NYSAHI members to combine the best of all our association SOPs and COE philosophies into an SOP and COE that I feel may be the very best in the industry. If ASHI and NACHI ever really wanted to combine association SOPs into a single flavor, this could be the one.

Regardless, the COE and SOP versions we crafted have been forwarded to the state. Be sure and have your comments on the existing versions, as approved by the HI Council, postmarked by no later than the 2nd of July (Monday) or accept documents which will, in effect, put NY HIs out of business (literally).

Good work, Joe.

Once accepted by the State (projecting optimism for luck), perhaps you can publish them, here.

Joe in action: http://www.nachi.org/images06/lisaspics_001.jpg

Joe -

There is good in all SOP’s and vague.

At a college class I teach to new homebuyers, I’ve used all 3 for the past 7 years now. I often lay out all 3 sets and ask the folks which set they felt easiest to understand and digest.

Its most frequently NAHI, NACHI & ASHI in that order.

Nice work. Looks like we have a couple of groups that are submitting changes.

Congrats on your efforts.

Which are the other groups, John ?

Thanks Joe and good job. Nice seeing you last week.


STAHI was or has shown involvement along with ESA and several individuals.

What is stahi?

Joe Farsetta is a class act and we at NACHI are extremely fortunate to have him!:smiley: