Hmmm, and I didn't even think I needed a new ID card...

I got this mail this morning, and wondered “whats up with this?” :wha?:
Anyone else get this?

"Dear InterNACHI Member,

This message is to inform you that beginning January 1, 2008, Compass ID Card Services will no longer be printing cards for InterNACHI.
Email sent to the “idcards” address will no longer be downloaded and read by us.
Please direct any questions regarding your card to


Melissa Kaiserman
Compass ID Card Services"

Many do not even Have a INACHI ID card .
They are only good for one year and should be renewed .
Mine is also out of date .
Be interesting to see what INACHI says .
I have sent this to Fastreply and will post any reply.

We’ve ordered our own machine and will be doing them in-house now.

Thanks NICK …Fastreply works great.

In house is a good idea, if you have the staff, time and payroll. With 10,000 members that would be about 275 cards per day 365 days a year. I would say that is going to be one busy staff person, just printing and mailing membership cards.

I’m betting that the relationship with Compass ID Services with South for some reason. It has been my experience that most business to business relationships fail due to some financial disagreement.

I think it was financial, indirectly. I don’t think they charged us enough (kind of why we subbed it out to them, something we normally don’t do). Then their printer (it takes a special printer) died. The printers cost about $6K. I bought one this morning for our own use.


Put an ID card software program in the members only section and have every **member **print their own.

No cost and very current

Plastic cover can be obtained at any office supply store

Google the idea



Looks like my idea is too late

Can you return the 6K printer??


It’s always been a battle getting a sub to stay on top of this project:

Richard, I like your idea, but I think we were going to integrate it all into and then maybe at some point allow the member to choose to show his/her pic on our new search sites.




I think it is a great idea I have my own laminar and could do mine and any others in our chapter .
Even then for a member to take to a local print shop for lamination would not cost more then a buck.


This leaves the door wide open for "FRAUD"

People like Tracey, Lewis, Todd and others with a grudge against NACHI could “register” and print out pictures of their “Dog / Cat” !

**The possibility for abuse is endless. **

**Keep it “In House” where you can control it! **


Do you not think they could do the same thing now .
Can you imagine the humiliation of being caught with ID that was phony .
If I ever did some thing like that and got caught .
No way could I ever face some one again .
We have no control over criminals ,they are always around .
Do things correctly and let the rest rot.


They were only charging $7.68 a piece, pretty good deal for us I thought.

I say do not let them in the door and do not give them even the slightest opening to do harm to our association!

I dictated my reply on Microsoft word 2007 Business edition. I then did a “cut & Paste” to the BB and it came out garbled.

**Can you ask Chris to look into this? Also the “spell checker” did not pick up typos in the words “control, ludicrous” **

I have to go shovel a LOT of snow…so bye for now…

I lost my card (I liked the old style, and don’t have one of the new blue ones) so I just made my own, in Word.

If the card software is put in the member’s only section and passworded, only members could get to it.

Hope this helps;

I agree with the concept of in house (being inachi) less fraud and a solid card looks more professional also is more difficult to duplicate a laminated card

Yes I guess you are correct.
Unfortunately the bad guys do not know this and they keep turning out Good Counterfeit money every day.
I go through life trusting every one ,as there is no way to defeat the crooks.


Mines expired also