Hmmm, What's It?

Not well marked as to function. No marking on junction box cover.

There were out buildings that were not inspected, a 120 gallon electric water heater and an emergency heat pack on the dual fuel propane/heat pump.

I’ve seen a lot of current measuring donuts but this one was odd.

Anyone have something more to say?

Looks like a current transformer (CT) to me. The 200 would indicate the current ratio, typically the number marked on the CT to 5 so this would be a 200:5 CT.

I agree completely.

Usually their purpose is clear. This one not so much.:frowning:

As the service entrance conductor did not pass through it, I am left pondering.

Looks like a CT to me also.

Usually I find the junction box marked.

This one had nothing.

I am accustomed to seeing one conductor per CT.
From where I sit, this looks like more than one conductor, which renders measurements inaccurate or useless, especially when there are grounded or opposite phase conductors passing through as well.
Stumped, just like you are!

I suspect it uses the current sensing to control something else via the switch at the top.

I wrote it up as unknown and to check with the owner.

That would be a CT, however it doesn’t look like its being used correctly.

Well as luck would have it I found the same thing yesterday in the same area and power company.

But this one was marked.

Its for the very large water heater (120 gal) and floor heat cables.

It is for the Peak Demand equipment.

The power utility supplies power at a kw rate at night for floor and water heating.

Yesterday’s home had both.