Hole in a brick wall for HVAC system?

Brand new $400K home, 2 story home. Brick veneer siding. The HVAC guys just knocked a hole in the brick wall to install the gas pack HVAC system. I’m guessing it’s about 4 x 3 feet. Pic shows the wall from inside the crawl space and from outside.

No lintel whatsoever is installed, and that is my question. What would you say about it???

041207 175 (Small).jpg 041207 114 (Small).jpg

It’s a matter of time…

You just have to wonder WTF were they thinking. At this point I would refer it to a structural engineer or qualified contractor that can size and install a steel lintel to support the brickwork above the opening before things start to crack.

Kind of a no brainer on this 2 story.

Question: do you call out lack of a lintel on a 1 story?

If one should be there, yes I would.

That’s the question: should one be there? What about framing the opening in wood (I’ve seen that before). Acceptable???

Recommend reinforcing opening knocked into bricks to maintain structural integrity of wall…by qualified professional, blah, blah…

There should be a lintel over any masonry opening, but the load on the lintel isn’t what you’d think it is, because the bricks can naturally arch over the opening. The lintel, therefore, is only assumed to support a 45-degree triangle running from one end of the lintel upwards to the center of the opening and back down to the other side.

More critical is the header (or absence of one) over the opening in the framed wall, because that’s where some serious weight is coming down.

Best approach: make note of it and suggest professional expertise in designing and installing the lintel and header.

Around here masonry must be supported by steel. If the opening in the wall has compromised the structural integrity of the framing (ie:removal of studs in a load bearing wall etc.) a wood beam or lintel will also be required.