Home Advisor lead sales

I got a call from Home Advisor, trying to get me to sign up under their umbrella for leads, stating they could provide 15 - 20 inspection leads a month. Sounded all great until I started asking questions. Let me just say the answers were not exactly up front. I asked for it all in writing, and it was sent to my email. Once I responded to that email “I would need to think about it”, my pre-set phone appointment was ignored, and my emails never answered.
A year ago I tried on the consumer side of Home Advisor to get someone to plow a property for me. The response was so unprofessional I had no choice but to report it. Now this has little reflection on Home Advisor, but more on the particular contractor, though HA didn’t follow through with the complaint either. So I’ve had two contacts with this company and neither was favorable.
My concern is that InterNachi has links to Home Advisor, and ethics, practices, and reputation are always something that should remain professional. I have 30 years in the building contracting industry and I think Home Advisor thought I was a newbie and wouldn’t ask so many questions about their business ethics and practices.
So my advise for newer people to the industry and going into inspections, ask detail questions, read all the information, and make informed decisions. The verbal sales lines are not always the real deal.

Maureen Concannon
Southpaw Building Designs & Consulting


Hi Maureen,

NACHI’s policy in regard to vendors is as long as NACHI members receive a direct benefit or a ‘special’ deal they are welcome to solicit the membership for business. It is up to NACHI members to monitor their experience with these vendors and report back. Posts like yours are keeping within this policy and are a benefit to all members, thank you. As more & more people report back both their quality experiences along with the times a vendor has failed to live up to their billing we can better judge how we want to approach doing business with them. NACHI has in the past dealt very harshly with vendors who think they can bully or take advantage of members. Please continue to keep us informed.