Home Advisor

I have been signed up with Home Advisor for just over month now.
So far I have not had any luck with any of the leads they have sent my way.
I have only had one actual contact by phone with a lead. Most of the leads never even reply back. So far I have only received 7 leads at half the lead charge, they did offer to cut my lead charge in half but now they are charging me 16.66 per lead.
Not too happy with this service, I now realize I should have come to this forum and checked out what other inspectors were saying about them. I went with them because they were on the interNACHI website as a vendor so I thought they were good. Are other members still having trouble with this company? Lesson well learned I need to check out what other members are saying about vendors before I sign up . Does any one have a recommendation on how to get out of this costly service? As now I will stick to the old tried and true way of pounding the pavement and passing out brochures and business cards. Thanks for listening Jess Royer, Royer Home Inspections, Fort Walton Beach FL

HA gets a lot of bad press here, and using it can be very frustrating. You have to be Johnny-on-the-spot or you lose out, and even when you are first, sometimes you get undercut.

When you do get through, you have maybe 30 seconds to sell yourself before the client starts to drift off.

On the plus side, I have gotten a lot more inspections here in my first year than I could have hoped for by just marketing to Realtors, so I am racking up experience, learning how to serve the customer and have garnered 27 five-star ratings and one 4-star, non lower than 4-star.

They’re pretty good for the most part when issuing credits, but sometimes they fall back on the “we’re just an advertising platform” excuse, which is a bit lame.

It’s costly an frustrating, but it serves a purpose. My goal for 2018 is to wean myself off of HA, and I am making inroads.

Sorry you are having hard time. I imagine some markets are harder than others for this service.

thank you for your comment ,I don’t think this company is a fit for me .Lesson learned I should of done my homework first before signing up with HA

Search for what you want and put NACHI behind it in Google. The “search” function above does not work well.