Home Energy Calculator.

Home Energy Calculator

I entered the requested info and got a blank page. I am running Firefox 8.0

Is the calculator working Nick?

Works with IE9. My poor old house scored a 9!

My townhouse scored 66.
Electric baseboard
1250 sq/ft
two story
The survey only took a few minutes.

At this time the energy calculator appears to be available to the general public. Will this be available to anyone or just InterNACHI members?


Go here for the information on the official Home energy tool that will be allowed…


That is not the NACHI site. I’m talking about the NACHI site that is part of this thread.

Is this reporting tool final? Its really weak. No option for more than one zone HVAC, no option for a conditioned crawlspace. It assumes I do not have any updating lighting and recommends replacing a 6 year old furnace. The report also tells me that I spend $11,000 in annual energy costs, more like $2500. Surely this is not what the DOE expects me to give customers is it?

These things are free for a reason.

LOL- Scored my 33 year old house with single pane glass as a 99!!!

No way

Does that tell you something…