Home Energy Certifications

Hey Folks,

2021 and 2022 have been my worst years in business (WI, I started in 2016). The market has been crazy and buyers are passing on the home inspection in order to get their offers accepted…(insert eye roll). I’m thinking about adding some additional feathers in my cap, just to stay busy. Not interested in mold, water, lead, asbestos, septic, or chimney but I am curious about the Home Energy Scoring or “Green Certified”. In WI, WE Energies and Focus on Energy work with sub-contractors to assist their clients with these services, but before I get too far down the road with them and their rose colored glasses, can I hear some first-hand experiences from any of you?

Are these desired services?
What sort of investment am I looking at?
What is the payoff?

Thank you in advance!

Mike Christian
Ground to Gable Home Inspections LLC