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I posted this in “Ancillary Inspections” last week but did not get any response. Maybe it’s because nobody has any specific feedback, or maybe nobody checks that topic…either way, thought I would re-post here under misc. discussion.

2021 and 2022 have been my worst years in business (WI, I started in 2016). The market has been crazy and buyers are passing on the home inspection in order to get their offers accepted…(insert eye roll). I’m thinking about adding some additional feathers in my cap, just to stay busy. Not interested in mold, water, lead, asbestos, septic, or chimney but I am curious about the Home Energy Scoring or “Green Certified”. In WI, WE Energies and Focus on Energy work with sub-contractors to assist their clients with these services, but before I get too far down the road with them and their rose colored glasses, can I hear some first-hand experiences from any of you?

Are these desired services?
What sort of investment am I looking at?
What is the payoff?

Thank you in advance!

Mike Christian
Ground to Gable Home Inspections LLC

I would think at a minimum you would want to invest in Thermal Imaging. Don’t offer that myself, but its certainly an interesting and future technology. Perhaps someone else will offer their expertise with that. 'Course you could go off the deep end and get a blower door which is another fascinating piece of equipment. I guess what I am trying to point out is you need to first decide your own limits and then what YOUR market will accomodate. No good offering a service that nobody wants.

In my area the local utility offers energy inspections at no charge to the homeowner. That kinda puts a damper in that as a for profit endeavour.

That said you might make a go of it.

The commercial projects in my area are required to do energy work, and a variety of inspectors make brisk business doing those certifications.

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Ancillary Inspections help promote your company.
Revolve Ancillary Inspections around seasons.
Other Ancillary Inspections can be maintained 12 months a year.

Sorry to hear that. I bet any number of inspector will say the same thing. Interest rate hikes. Homes were being sold at inflated prices.
Polish your SEO.
Reach out to realtors you previously worked with.
Email past clients to see if you can help in any way.

Depends upon the cost for equipment and the added time it takes to market the Ancillary Inspections.
Extra work pays for itself eventually over time.