Home Energy Tune-up?

Anyone here using CMC’s Home Energy Tune-up? I am thinking of adding another service for clients and have been spectacle about paying for their course and software license. Can anyone tell me what kind of information you have to collect and how long the process takes for the average 3-4 bedroom house? I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple sample reports besides the one they have posted on their site.


Scott, sorry I can’t help ya . . . will await to hear from others . . . maybe this post will bump this back up to the top . . . I’m interested as well.

Scott, I took the home energy class last fall in South Bend, Indiana. It was an awsome class to take. They instructor even emailed us his presentation that he used for the class. On the second day we went out to a home and went thru it with the instructor.
Basically they have a program which is free to have but cost $20 to have them upload and run all the calculations.
Following the software you input size of windows what direction the house faces, age of appliances. insulation in the home and so on.
Using the zip code of the address the software knows what the local utility companies are charging for gas and electric.
Within 24 hours they will email backa report that list how much money can be saved. If the customer follows what is recommend in the report. This might be instlling new furnace or hot water heater or adding insulation. or new windows.
Theres alot more to it but if there is a class given by them I strongly recommend taking it.

I’m headed to Pa. to take their training the end of Feb. I’ll let you know.

Keep me posted on how you like the class. I am intereseted in what kind of information they collect for their reports and what the end product is besides their sample report on their site.