Home Inpectors directory

I just wanted to announce the launch of my new Real Estate related directory. This directory is broken down into 9 categories with Home Inspectors being one of them. Submit your site today !! I started a real estate directory last year for Real Estate Agents and now a year later it is ranking really well and my members are seeing some good traffic to their sites. This directory is new and was launched in Feb. '07, but already ranks on page 1 of Google for Affordable Real Estate. There are 3 linking options, Featured links are $29.99/year and regular links are $9.99/year. There is a free option but you have to link back to our directory from a Google cached/indexed page. If you choose a paid option and click the subscription option you will lock in that price even if our prices go up.

My goal is to drive traffic to my members sites and give them good quality links from an industry related site in turn driving your search engine placement up. Let me know if you have any questions.

It’s not even ranked. I don’t think you can charge for listing on an unranked site, can you?



It not indexed. Very new site.

I’m not sure how you check if it’s indexed but try going to google and typing in site:http://www.affordablerealestatesolution.com or click there and it will take you there.

You are correct this is a new site, but it is indexed. I built this site in late Feb of this year and opened it up to site submissions early March. The site has been live now for 2+ months and it ranks on page 1 of Google for Affordable Real Estate, Brentwood California Stagers and others. If this site had the content it would rank even better.

My first directory that I started ranks on page on of Google for Real Estate Agents. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Will this crap ever stop?

I see you have Brenda O’brian on your site. She is the most prolific linker in the Realestate industry and a darn good friend. I will link to your site, send info to whtglvinsp@cox.net

I sent you an email.


Yes, you can. Though unrelated to the spirit of your post, don’t confuse “rank” with being indexed. If he is a legit business, then he can charge whatever he wants. Just because he uses the Web as a tool to market his clients, it doesn’t mean he depends on SERPs (though it seems he is).

Nonetheless, starting from scratch is tough. I do it every day. Unfortunately, I don’t think another directory will solve inspectors’ marketing problem though it CAN help to improve a SERP rank. Remember that each inbound link to an inspector’s site (from another site) is a “vote” that makes search engine crawlers happy.

So many inspectors are looking for ways to boost their SERP rankings without taking site’s this one into consideration as an effective tool to achieve it. Free or not, another inbound link to your site is always a good thing. Anything you buy after that is an “ad” on his site…and that’s when you start questioning either the business model or CPM (depending if you’re interested in pre- or post- saturation).

Of course, it just now hit me that you’re in advertising, so you probably already know most of this.