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I have been in the inspection business for over 20 years, and am always looking for ways to increase my exposure and internet presence. I have registered with some referral internet home inspector directories (Including being on InterNACHI), but want to take my business ot the next level.

Does anyone know of any directories that you can list your company on, for FREE, as I have paid too many companies for advertising on their site which does not work. I am sure there are a lot of other companies with the same interests.

Please help by letting me and the group know,

Thank you!

Link to my website and I will add you.

We get a lot of traffic.

Shoot - I’d be happy just to be listed on the Inspector Locator, CorrectInspect and Find An Inspector websites.

Al in TN

Here are a few professional home inspector sites.








William complains:

You were not listed because, for whatever reason, you made yourself invisible from your profile editor. I went in as you and made you visible again. You now appear in all www.nachi.org/directories.htm

Peace, you can see our free one in my signature, but register on our site as a free forum user and participate in the link exchange program. It’s where inspectors in multiple countries exchange links with each other.

Invisible? Me? :wink:

Whatever you did - Thanks Nick! :smiley:

I was wondering why I didn’t show up…

Al in TN

William, I don’t (can’t) follow every thread and I don’t visit members-only section of this message board unless forced to, so if you ever have a problem, email me at fastreply@nachi.org and I can usually help fix it fast for you.

Feel free to add me.