Home Inspection Company for sale

**THIS IS A **ONE time oppertunity to buy a established Home Inspection Company. You will take over all my current clients and everything else you need to opperate the buisness. Ladders ,computer system ,Web Site, Tools and Vehical. You need to bring a good work ethic and willing to help the client through there home purchase. This is part of a National Company and the screening will be completed by both parties. I have worked very hard to get the company to this level and will not just sell to anyone. For a first interview please call Tel: 403-835-3228.

Why r u selling? and in Alberta too.

Maybe there was a spelling test? :wink:

What u did not like my short hand?

Not your post. :shock:

When I read the title of this thread, I thought it was about a broker’s “preferred vendor” list.



are you looking to hire a home inspector for southern california?

Yes we are. Give us a call 403-835-3228

I’m tempted to call just to see what you came up with.:mrgreen:

I am wondering who is considered clients.

Wasn’t selling clients abolished way back? Bob…you were pretty young but you might remember a little bit to tell us something about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I could buy you for a cheap price you runt:)
At least thats what the agents say.(hehe)
Opps this is public…never mind,just kidding.:slight_smile:

You said ‘runt’, right?? :smiley:


I have not heard that word in a long time so what the heck?:slight_smile: