Idaho Business for sale

Well established and one of the most highly rated home inspection businesses in Southern Idaho’s hot market. Consistent, repeat business with tremendous growth potential. Significant growth experienced in 2020 despite economic challenges.

I will share detailed business financial documents with anyone seriously interested along with motivation for selling. Asking $75,000

  • Client and agent management system/database
  • Simple and clean website with online booking capabilities
  • Inspection software + templates with commonly used comments that fit the market
  • Up to three months of in-person training/introductions to ensure minimal attrition and continued success. Up to six months by phone/email.
  • Consistent referrals/agents including some of the highest producers in the market with MANY untapped brokerages/agents.

Idaho’s market was largely unaffected by the economic challenges and is expected to experience significant growth. Excellent opportunity for a seasoned pro or new to the industry. The state of Idaho has ZERO regulations and/or license requirements for home inspectors (to date), this is a turn key, hit the ground sprinting opportunity.

Thanks Jeff for posting the google search of my name.

I am NOT selling a PillartoPost franchise. I was a PillartoPost franchisee from February 2014 through February 2019. I decided the franchise system was not a good fit and left my clients lacking as I was bound by their “systems”. In March 2019 I started Snake River Team Home Inspection in Twin Falls/Magic Valley due to a very strict non-compete that extended past my franchise termination. I have been driving 250 miles per day to avoid violating the noncompete. It expires in February 2021 and I intend to resume business in my “home” market of Boise and the treasure valley.

Snake River home inspection completed over 300 inspections in 2020 and is poised to grow considerably. If you would like more details, please ask, I’m happy to share.

Jeb Stogdell

You’re selling a business that is one year old?



Speaking of turn key, does it come with a vehicle?


Only 300 inspections and worth $75,000🤣

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Jeb just try to field the questions best as you can.
Ya never know, perhaps someone here or viewing knows someone.
ps>> consider putting the NAP up front on your website landing page for SEO purposes.
Good luck.

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Thanks for the positive feedback Marc, much appreciated. I am more than happy to answer any serious questions from anyone genuinely interested. I was hoping Internachi members and fellow inspectors would be more supportive, not the case thus far.

Jeb, not being condescending in my question, but what type of “support” are you looking for or expecting? Whether it’s interNACHI members or fellow inspectors, you are going to be asked questions about your business and how you can justify a certain asking price. Although you may get replies from ones on here that are not interested, they may give you some insight on what to expect when trying to sell a business.

I too wish you luck!


Thanks Thomas. Not condescending at all and I appreciate your feedback. Perhaps “support” was the wrong word…previous comments certainly aren’t helpful, however.

As stated, I’m happy to answer serious questions and share all detailed financial information with interested parties. Including the business valuation where the (negotiable) starting price was determined, which is well below 1x EBITDA.

Thanks again.

Welcome to our forum, Jeb! Enjoy! We look forward to getting to know you! :smile:

I see a 1 year old business with a 1 page website.
Justify your asking price please. $75,000 dollars is a lot of money for a 1 year old business.
## Snake River Home Inspection


I do have a brother that just re-located out that way. He would like to know about a vehicle.


Hey Robert, happy to share a few details. The business was started in late February/early March 2019…2 year old business in a couple months (and likely I’ll still be working it at that time…biz sales don’t happen overnight). So two full years.

As for the valuation, I worked with my accountant, a business broker familiar with the industry and our market and my attorney. Based on gross revenue, net income, cash flow, EBITDA, etc. There is a lot that goes into it as I’m sure you know. I was actually advised to price it slightly higher based on those metrics. I have detailed financials for very interested parties and at less than 1xEBITDA it’s a good deal, the business will pay for itself in less than five years. Everything is negotiable. Honestly, I’ve considered keeping it (which is still a possibility if I can’t find someone to take over) as the market is cranking. But the idea of managing an employee at that distance is difficult.

Sell to your market right? I’ve received many compliments on the simplicity of the website. The pertinent information…I want clients contacting me for additional, I’d rather sell them on myself and the business than having the website do it.

It’s been belittled and laughed at by previous posters on this thread, however I’m proud of 300 inspections in 2020 and about 200 in 2019…in a market 125 miles from home and five hours of driving per day with a total population of about 150k…where I knew not one person the day I drove into town. 500 inspections in the first 24 months.

Hope that helps!

I would consider including the business truck (2017 Ram 2500 Diesel) in the sale as a take-over payment situation.

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Thank you for the fast reply.

Anyone can ask what they want for their business.

Having mentored 14 inspectors only (1) is working to meet his financial expectations with no website.

Joining a Franchise should/could/would yield a seasoned home inspector good returns when/if the inspector has the proper disposition for much less than you asking price as you well know. That’s how you started.

2 years is not a long time in the home inspection industry, sorry to say.
I do wish you the best of luck in life but the protentional purchaser must realize their expected finical value, not yours based on paid for first party expectations.

InterNACHI chums out home inspection inspection companies with responsive websites for 10% percent of what you are asking and has a proven tract recorded.

Best regards.
Robert Young,
Robert Young’s Montreal Home Inspection Services Inc.

What a sweet heart.


With all due respect I’m not selling length of time in business and a website. As you well know since you mentor many inspectors, the difficult work is establishing the relationships, trust, name in the market, stellar reviews, and repeat business. A website can’t do that…and believe it or not, markets are different across North America. Websites may be important in Montreal, but in Southern Idaho…not so much.

Franchises are only as good as their systems, PillartoPost sells them cheap and their systems are antiquated and lacking, in my humble opinion. Exactly why I got out…to better serve my clients. And buying a franchise or a startup for $7500-$15k…you’re starting from scratch and having to develop the relationship and establish the name.

Obviously it doesn’t have value to you and many of the other awesome, established and very respectful inspectors on this forum, but it may to some.

Thanks again for your input.

Thanks for sharing.

Personally, I never laugh at ambitions. I was laughed at and ridiculed on and off the MB for years.
Now I am ranked top inspector for my area.
My business just under 10 years old.
I never do same day reports.
The work for each client on average in total 12 hours, prior publishing reports.
Many Professional Real Estate Brokers reviewed my qualifications on social media although that’s a double ended sward.
I won Montreal Alignable Small Business Award 2018.
I have a multi page website.
I own well over $20,000 in home inspection tools and brand name equipment. I am setup as a multi home inspector business with modern intuitive software.
My Truck is 2017 Special Edition.
Question. What would be a far market asking price as compared to your, Jacob?

You certainly put in the time. Personally, I think your selling price is overblown unless modern tools and equipment, as well as other perks are kicked in.
As for the Dodge 2500. That’s a gas guslar for that much traveling.

Jeb. I know/knew ‘established industry inspectors’ that sold ‘established business.’ One was hosted on a phone in radio talk show for 4 years. Everyone who’s anyone knew Roy Cooke Senior. As yourself, traveled far and wide. He asked and got 25K. Same set up as yours. Same day reports. Small housing market. Lots of driving.

To end the conversation, consider this. It was, and will still be a ‘monumentally effort’ for anyone to keep up that pace seeing this thread revealed ‘the market in that area is open to competition.’

Keep us posted.
Stay safe and be well.
Kindest regards.
Robert Young

A home inspection business is only as valuable as the inspector performing the inspection. The inspector is the business. In essence you are purchasing “connections”. Will your “connections” value the new inspector as an equal? $75,000 can buy one hell of a marketing campaign where 300 inspections are a drop in the bucket. But hey you can ask whatever you want for a business that anyone can start up with a little effort themself :slightly_smiling_face:

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