Home Inspection prices..... We should all charge .1% !!!!!

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I like the concept of using a percentage of listing price to determine our fees, anything that increases our income. But how would you compute the HI fee for a 1500 sf house that sits on 15 acres? A large part of the listing price would be for the land itself and have little to do with the home that will be inspected.

Another way to perhaps determine our price would be average price per square foot X the number of ft2 in the house = price of the house itself. Then from this figure determine your fee.

Not foolproof but something to think about.


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Even Realtors commisions are negotiable, you cannot set a "fixed"price for anything that is of this nature. Realtors can charge whatever commission the buyer or seller is willing to pay. And split it however they want between the listing company and the selling company.

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I have over 25 years in Sales Management, and I have to tell you the moment you begin to auction off your services to the highest bidder, you will have nothing but an uphill battle to regain the ground you freely gave away.

Remain professional, do the best job, and ask for the referrals...always follow up!

There will be some that say that half a loaf is better than none, but once you take your actual cost and apply it to the books, you may find that you have lost that as well.

Educate your clients as Russel and many others have said, protect your investment of time and skill, and stick to your guns.

Make the money you deserve. You can bet your..whatever, that the Agents will.

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