I was just wondering what price range my fellow inspectors are charging in south west florida. I have been told three times in the past week that I am almost double other inspectors at $400 to $450 for a standard inspection on a 1500 sqft home. I do not feel that I am over priced but my prospects seem to think I am.

Here’s the question, are they saying you’re over priced and hiring you, then you are not. That’s about what I’m getting up here. ($400 for 1500-2000 sf base)

I’m starting at about 275 up to 2,000 square feet in Sarasota I don’t know about Port Charlotte area but you got to see what your market is. there’s a lot of us out here I know in my area have about 15 or 20 home inspection companies within 30 miles in my area so we’re all about average price of 275 starting at. in my area most of my big inspection firms are starting at about 300. I know that some of those companies have been in business since the 90’s. You need to see what your market is around you. I know you have lots of experience and you were a vet(thanks for serving) but a lot of people are looking the the cheap way out when it comes to a home inspection.

I hope this helps you and good luck.

by the way your website very nice:D

Home inspectors are a dime a dozen in Florida and Due to ridiculously easy licensing the market is now flooded. The prices you are referring is exactly why I do not even try to be close I go in with my bids at a min double if I have to do one then I do not feel so screwed.

Thank those who wanted licensing. All licensed Home inspectors are equal why should one make more than another?

That just would not be fair…:frowning:

I warned all of them and the fools still think it is great…:frowning:

I charge $350.00 up to 2000 SF

Not sure what other guys charge in the Metro area.
I definatly lose to lower price guys, I have a guy 15 miles away who charges $175.00 for any size home?

I will never get why Home inspectors do not just raise the heck out of their prices. I guess because their never used to be any requirements and anyone could hold themselves out to be one.

Realtors are the ones that should hardly make squat. What the hell do they do besides unlock doors and make things difficult anyhow?

For the largest investment of their lives you would think people would expect to pay a lot.

What would an investment professional charge to set up and make sure you did not make a bad choice on a $250,000.00 investment. Any ideas? I do not know as I no longer have that type of cash laying around to invest in anything :frowning:

guess it just boils down to who NEEDS it more to feed the family and pay the bills and I do not blame that guy either because he must do whatever it takes.

They are telling me I’m double and then going with someone else. Thank you in reference to the website. I designed it myself. As well as the logo. My marketing is working well because I am getting the traffic. I just can not compete with the Mickey Mouse companies charging $200 or less for an inspection. I just did a 8250 sq ft home for $700. I was there for 7 hours and had a 46 page report. I am not desperate for the jobs, as I am booked up 9 months out with my Handyman Service. I was hoping anyone had any advice as to how I can justify what I charge. It seems like everyone wants the quick in and out inspection to satisfy mortgage issues. Mike I agree with you. The Lic. requirements are a joke. I would rather hire the professional with experience for more than the FNG for less.

Folks used to have to sell themselves on their experience now have the paper and be cheapest and you must be the right guy for the job. Go figure :frowning:

If I were a well to do fella with a ton of cash and no knowledge I would find the most expensive guy around and Hope I got what I paid for…

$350 for me sounds right, I go up from there. I just did a 3300 sq ft house built in 2008 for $400.

If a home buyer is shopping for a cheap home inspector when they are purchasing an $200K house or more I would rather not conduct an inspection for them.

You did the same thing when you first started. It is nice to see the shoe on the other foot.

I don’t understand your pricing. You want $400 for a 1500 sq ft house and then do a 8000+ sq ft for $700. Are you just aiming for the high end houses? It seems that your 1500 sq ft should be about $150 based on your other price.

I would never do an 8000 square foot house for $700.00. You are talking a minimum of 4 air conditioners and most likely a pool. You miss one item and you will be out of business. Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you?

He still does it.

You Guys are waking up the beast…

I just keep the price about the same as the other inspectors in the area.

insurance inspections and I said I do understand when folks HAVE to.

Can’t HARDLY sell a difference between them but I have since figured out that as well :slight_smile:

The problem in my opinion lies in multi inspector “firms” (used loosely) who hire and oversee unqualified individuals. I have been approached by company’s who inspect for banks during construction draws and verification who offer to pay me $50.00… Right! I won’t even open my computer for fifty bucks.
The last home I inspected was 4900 sf and included a full mold inspection with air sampling for $2200.00. Basic home was $1600.00
I’m hired for what I know, not how low I can go…

That what I did. I am a brand new inspection company and wanted to make sure I stayed in line with my market.

40 bucks and a bottle of tequila… “Call for the latest special” :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I used the pricing calculator and went about $95 less than what it called for.
I was at the home for about 6+ hours as stated earlier. The report was 46 pages long. The calculator bases me at around $500 for a 1500 sq ft home. As I stated earlier I am not desperate for the work as I am as of today booked up for the next 10 to 11 months with my other company. I am not looking to change my pricing, I was just hoping anyone had any insight on how to justify pricing based on experience and education when the prospective client is hanging up as soon as they hear your price. I truly do not care what the other inspectors in my area are charging. You get what you pay for.