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I have three HI software licenses, all very good but I have to admit that Home Inspector Pro is the best in terms of cost and the report that is generated.

Here is the link for the software!

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Wow Mario, thanks for the post! That’s excellent to hear from last years Canadian Member of the Year that you think so highly of us! :smiley:

Our number of Canadian members (especially from NACHI) is growing at a very rapid pace. We have a great bunch of Canadian users, some of which, like Doug Cossar have even posted their Canadian template on our message board for other inspectors to use. Bill DeVries recently switched to Home Inspector Pro as well and has told me he’s going to be sharing several of his templates (he’s converting them from his old system now).

Wait until our new NACHI.TV episode comes out tomorrow for our latest news :)**



Can you please post the link to Doug’s template? I talked with Billy today and he told me about his template.

You have a very good product Dominic, there is no need to keep it a secret!:smiley:

Sure thing. It’s on our forum. Click here to be taken to it: Canadian Home Inspector Template. You should be able to see the attachment without logging in, but let me know if you have a problem. Copy the template into C:\Program Files\Home Inspector Pro\Data and you’re set.

I have to agree, this is hands down one of the best report packages I have used, I also own some of the top named ones and this one will be my last purchase, I have found a software package that will grow with me and my company.
Do yourself a favour, http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/component/option,com_performs/formid,2

the link takes you to the download software page

it should be considered one more professional tool in your box,

Valerie tells me that another www.NACHI.TV episode starring Dominic will go live tomorrow.

You star in it too :smiley: Yup, big annoucement in tomorrows episode, I’m looking forward to it.

Yup HIP is the GREATEST.

I, as well, have used two other programs and NOTHING comes close to HIP.

The best part is that Dominic is ALWAYS there to help. I don’t think he ever sleeps!!!

HIP ROCKS!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


No doubt, HIP rocks for americans too!! I have not had time to put up some templates and photo like dominic asked but he program is second to none.

Side note, I had a piece of crap house with a very particular buyer that had 400 pictures in it the other day. THe report was 99 pages, and about 9mb. It took half the time it would have with my older program! HIP is the best product that has come out in this industry in years. Best customer service of ANY product I have EVER purchased.

I’ll chime in here on the HIP endorsements as well - I’m still on the learning curve and have my problems with computers to say the least. That having been said Dominic has demonstrated the patience of Job getting me going. His customer service can’t beat and I am thrilled to have made HIP my choice. I’m reluctant to say to much because I think I get a competative edge using HIP.

Dominic ROCKS!

Bruce Cargin - Hastings, MN

Oh my god, 400 photos, 99 pages!!! :shock: :shock: Obviously the optimizations I made for file size a few weeks back worked for you if it was only 9mb. I think you set a record there, lol. If you get a chance to send that to me, I’d like to check it out. I hope you got paid well for that!

By far.

Dittos in the extreme.:smiley:

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No contract, no start-up fee. Just try it for 3 months for free.


Very nice - you will be pleased! :cool:

Nick, how did you get Dominic out of his computer fortress long enough to make the shows!? :shock:

Nick and I have been working on a top secret teleportation device. I just beamed over to NACHI HQ.

Well, that will sure save on gas! :mrgreen:

Exactly. Image the benefit to NACHI members, lol.


That doesn’t have anything to do with Planet NACHI and resistance is futile does it?:wink:

Shh, we’re planning an invasion on the Borg soon.